In Tunisia there was no revolution. We just threw a dictator down, but his establishment is still there. The road toward democracy lies ahead and is going to be very long

Belir, 30, industrial technician, militant of the Arab Democratic Party

Before the revolution getting involved with politics meant to follow the presidential family. Now I finally know what happens in my country. I want to live in a Tunisia where it's guaranteed the right to be informed

Najib, 27, student and militant of Ettajid, the Leftist Democratic Party

Tunisia is not ready for elections. It takes time to create a political consciousness. We have to keep fighting, only a second revolution can save the first one

Azza, 21, student and militant of the Marxist/Leninist Party

The paradox of the ancient regime is that they gave us the tools to rebel. We have one of the most advanced educational system of Africa. We have to invest in culture for a better future

Sufjen, 27, banker, militant of the Leftist Socialist Party

I'm a woman, I'm Muslim and I'm militant. I want a country without sexual and religious discrimination. Yes, I'm wearing a veil but I want to be an active citizen. I didn't study to stay at home and take care of children

Baraa, 22, student and militant of Enhada, the Islamic Party

When I'll grow up I want to be like Che Guevara. I'm into politics since I was 15: my parents didn't want so, they were scared but today they ask me what to vote for. All I want is a Tunisia that doesn't shut the mouth of its sons

Salem, 17, student and militant of the Democratic Progressive Party