Spain is a traditionally Catholic and patriarchal country, where a macho mentality is still widespread . Nevertheless, the Zapatero Government had the courage to promote laws that formally recognize the rights of homosexual couples even granting them the right of adoption. In this frame, the government of tolerant Catalunya is moving further, with pioneering politics towards social normalization of sexual diversity, and real integration and non/discrimination of homosexual and transexual people. But there is a spontaneous mechanics that anticipates and reveals social changes: market. The market of products and services reacts to the needs of this public of customers, which, for the first time in Southern Europe, is recognized as a commercial target. 2008 has been the year of the gay/oriented enterprise in Catalunya, with the foundation of the LGTB Chamber of Commerce, and many events dedicated specifically to this public: the Eurogames (sport competition for gay national clubs), the Circuit Festival, the Gay Circus and Gaylespol, the European Conference of gay police associations.