UB and Will were living in California before moving, some years ago, to one of the most open/minded cities in Europe: Barcelona. UB and Will are a domestic partnership. They have been together for more than eleven years. Thanks to the laws of California, they could legally adopt, as a couple, Stassa, a bright and lively girl, who is now five. In 2004 they tried to take the big step, by marrying legally in San Francisco’s City Hall. But the California Supreme Court undid it all: it was determined that the mayor did not have the power to marry gays. So, they did it again. This time in liberal Spain. After sharing many experiences and, most of all, an intense parenthood, UB and Will have decided to challenge once again their fellow citizens’ prejudices. They got married in the evocative Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona, in a perfect ceremony / up to the finest detail. The stars of the show were the two of them, UB and Will of course. But especially Stassa, who for nothing on earth would have missed an instant of the ceremony which united before the law the two people who to her already were / and forever will be / her parents. She is not scared by two same/sex parents. Are you?